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    <div>Well, I suppose there MUST be some sort of theory. About knots of course… I have quite a vivid imagination at times, but here, I simply see a hungry, somewhat cold, man creature, having a pause. He has just discovered that the gut string he has been toying with was capable of a remarkable thing. A slip-knot probably, and along with it, a delicious vision of game having been snared, saving him countless hours tracking, hunting… Tying hides together… WAIT! This damn bit of sinew could be a game changer! My worry, however, are those contemplating tossing a rope over a stout branch upon reading this lackluster intro. I DO apologize!</div><div>

    I have had tantalizing theories, bumping along a dark road of: When a twist is imparted upon two bights, side by side, it almost seems there is always a “under, over, over, under” (or vice-versa) prior to ANY “over, under, over, under…” (again, or vice… you know.)

    Now this could be construed as a rule or law, etc. but it hasn’t really been substantiated… to my knowledge anyway. Personally, I don’t go “fact-finding” when I am elbows deep in unrealistic mat weaving, or lost inside a 40×9 turks head. (still working on it…)

    The wife thinks I should get out more…

    Thank you for putting up with me, and I get enough groans at home thank you, but… WELL! SOMEONE has to get the rope uncoiled, RIGHT?🙄

    I do stand firm that due to a lack of any theory or understanding of knots, or rope work of any kind, caused Alexander to resort to CUTTING the Gordian knot. I would have loved the challenge, finding a weird thrill in making sense of a bird nested tangle of fishing line, or an unfathomable tangle of mule tape. Patience! It wasn’t as though anyone was going to challenge Al by the ol’ knot that day…


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